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Ann Pogue & Associates, Inc.

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Technical Bulletins

Our Mission

With over 50 years of industrial experience, we bring you a complete service and solutions firm. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of the passive component microelectronics and printed electronics industries; from raw materials to consumer markets, covering marketing, development, production implementation, management, and technical sales and service.

Company Profile

Our people and client relationships are our greatest assets. 

We work with people who span the entire history of the passive component microelectronics industry and offer a broad spectrum of expertise in research & development, technology transfer, production planning and implementation, cost management, technical marketing and sales, process management, and new technology. 

Our group has extensive experience evaluating various raw material suppliers covering glasses, ceramic powders and tapes, resins, binders, metal powders, specialty chemicals, surfactants, analytical instrumentation, and production machinery and components.


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