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Physical test properties of electrode powders do not alone dictate performance characteristics of electrode pastes and final electrical properties in MLC devices. Frequently, the nature of organic-organic (solvents-resin-surfactants) and organic-inorganic (electrode powder and dielectric material) reactions is largely ignored in conductive paste applications. These competing reactions contribute to electrode powder agglomeration, electrode laydown and roughness, as well as paste stability and printability. In addition to standard fineness of grind (FOG) and low angle light (LAL) tests on electrode pastes, this paper examines optical polarized light microscopy performed to evaluate dispersion characteristics of electrode powders in the ‘wet’ state, during drying, and dried films. Paste stability is compared for different paste formulations and powder varieties using time dependent turbidity measurements on real systems.

INCOTRONICSTM powders for MLCC applications are produced by the chemical vapor decomposition (CVD) method based on the decomposition of Ni     carbonyl gas. Several pastes were prepared from vehicles to evaluate the behavior of powder in different vehicle systems.  The performance of the pastes was evaluated by viscosity measurement, Low Angle Light images (LAL) and FOG, during and after paste processing. The compatibility of powder with these vehicles was also assessed. Performance of the pastes was evaluated after various surface treatments.  The stability of the pastes was assessed after accelerated aging test.

  • CARTS EUROPE 2004 -- Electrical Performance Characteristics of MLCC's With Low Laydown AgPd Powders

    AgPd electrodes still see widespread use in passive component applications, even with the conversion to using base metal replacements such as nickel and copper. As a consequence of design and cost, MLCC’s using AgPd alloys as electrodes must meet the demands of high performance, small case sizes, and low costs. This paper reports the electrical performance characteristics of MLCC’s made with 70%Ag30%Pd electrodes and 95%Ag5%Pd electrodes as a function of MLCC case size and metal laydown.

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